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Although you should feel free to ask us anything you like, we have listed the most commonly asked questions below, just in case!

What are the cheeses made from?

All cheeses are soya milk based and use fresh, organic ingredients.
We have put ingredients and nutritional values statements on their own page for your perusal.

Are the cheeses vegan?

Yes, most definitely!

Why are some cheeses softer than others?

In order to control stock and minimise wastage, thus allowing us to keep costs as low as possible, the smaller portions of cheese (such as the 50g samples and the 100g slices) are batch made and frozen. This does not affect the taste or quality in any way, but it does causes the water to expel very quickly when defrosted. As a consequence, the cheeses become firmer.
The larger portions of cheese (such as the 260g and 540g which are generally posted nationally) are made fresh to order. This allows the buyer the freedom to freeze some of the cheese until a later date, thereby saving on postage costs.

Are the cheeses gluten free?

We have spoken to gluten experts who tell us that they are, however we would always recommend you look at the ingredients listing before you buy!

What is the shelf life?

We do give each cheese a ‘Best Before’ date and we do err on the conservative side but, as a rule of thumb, they will keep in the fridge (below 5°C) for between two and three weeks and for up to six months in the freezer.

What is E407?

E407 is Kappa Carrageenan, an ingredient which is commonly used in vegan foods to replace gelatin, as a binding agent in vegan cheese and thickener or as a stabiliser in desserts. Just like agar, it is also derived from red seaweed

There are two forms of carrageenan: food-grade and degraded. Food grade carrageenan has been used for hundreds of years and has been extensively reviewed and approved for use in foods. Degraded carrageenan was found to be harmful, but is not used in foods, as it does not provide any thickening properties. Even though degraded carrageenan and food-grade carrageenan are different, the harmful effects of carrageenan in its degraded form have been mistakenly associated with food-grade carrageenan.

How long will I be waiting for my cheese after I order?

Once we have received your order we will need two days to get your cheeses ready. If you submit a postal order they will be posted on the third day and 99% of orders arrive the next working day.
If we are delivering, your cheeses will be with you on the third day too.